Technology Business Incubator

Approval Letter for PT Gama Multi Usaha Mandiri as Incubator in Technology Based Startups, from Research – Technology and Higher Education Ministry;

Date of Inception
Company Article of Association No.54, 24 June 2000  
1. The Decree of Gadjah Mada University’s Rector:
– No. 263/P/SK/HT/2014 
– No. 186/PV/SK/HT/2015
– No. 964/UN1.P.V/SK/HUKOR/2016
– No. 6/UN1.P.V/SK/HUKOR/2018
2. The Decree of PT Gama Multi Usaha Mandiri BOD
– No. 05/SK/G-MULTI/VII/2016
Business Focus
1. Medical Devices
2. Manufacture, Enginering, Information & Communicarion Technology, Agro Industry
3. Robotic dan Control System
Incubator Type
Profit oriented

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